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Research in Partical and Astroparticle Physics


CREDIT OFFERED: 1 to 3 credit hours in PHSX 501 or 503

SALARY OFFERED: Negotiable hourly salary when credit option not taken.

CONTACT PERSON: Prof. Dave Besson,  1075 Malott Hall, zedlam@ku.edu


DESIRED SKILLS: C/C++ programming and/or electronics experience and/or machine shop experience and/or LabView. Willingness to endure long days of bitter cold and exposure to harsh environment. 

DESCRIPTION OF JOB: Currently involved in three experiments: a) CLEO experiment, located in Ithaca, NY, comprising data analysis of electron-positron annihilations, studies of the strong nuclear force, basic particle production and decay, b) ANITA experiment - radiowave detection of ultra-high energy neutrinos. NASA-supported, balloon-borne suite of 36 high-precision radio antennas flying circumpolar trajectory around Antarctic continent. Data analysis and modeling of ice properties, esp. with respect to radiofrequencies, c) RICE/AURA experiments - located at South Pole, radiowave antennas embedded at depths of 100-400 meters. Currently, upgrading hardware from the older RICE experiment to newer (AURA) initiative. Data analysis, antenna modeling, ice properties modeling. Also considering a new experimental effort involving deployment of radiowave sensors in Siberian permafrost. d) Physics Education Research - investigate possibilities of developing online introductory physics textbook.

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Baldenegro Barrera, Baringer, Bean, Boren, Bowen, Bylinkin, Isidori, Khalil, King, Krintiras, Kropivnitskaya, Lindsey, Majumder, Mcbrayer, Minafra, Murray, Rogan, Royon, Sanders, Schmitz, Tapia Takaki, Wilson & CMS Collaboration

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