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Research in Theoretical Physics

Research in Theoretical Particle Physics

CREDIT OFFERED:   1-3 hours in PHSX 501 or 503.

SALARY OFFERED:   Possible after a trial period.

CONTACT PERSON:   K.C. Kong, kckong@ku.edu, Malott Hall 6050C

PREREQUISITE COURSES:   PHSX 511 or basic knowledge at that level.

DESIRED SKILLS:   Experience with Fortran or C or C++ or Python, can be learned on the job.

DESCRIPTION OF JOB:   Research in Particle Physics

                • Collider Physics

                • Simulation of particle collision at the LHC and future colliders

Department Communications
Paper of the Week

A. Al-bataineh, P. Baringer, A. Bean, S. Boren, J. Bowen, A. Bylinkin, J. Castle, S. Khalil, A. Kropivnitskaya, D. Majumder, W. Mcbrayer, M. Murray, C. Rogan, S. Sanders, E. Schmitz, J. D. Tapia Takaki Q. Wang & CMS Collaboration

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