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Research In Nanoscience And Superconductivity

CREDIT OFFERED: 1-3 hours in PHSX 501 or 503.

SALARY OFFERED:Negotiable hourly salary, possibly after a trial period.

CONTACT PERSON: Prof. Judy Wu (jwu@ku.edu)


DESIRED SKILLS: Lab experiences

DESCRIPTION OF JOB: Possible jobs include: (1) Growth of nanostructured samples including nanowires and nanotubes: (2) Characterization of the samples using SEM, AFM, etc; (3) fabrication of nano-circuits using e-beam lithography.

For more information, go to: http://www.nano.ku.edu/ 

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L. Z. Hadid, M. W. Morooka, J.‐E. Wahlund, L. Moore, T. E. Cravens*, M. M. Hedman, N. J. T. Edberg, E. Vigren, J. H. Waite Jr., R. Perryman, W. S. Kurth, W. M. Farrell, A. I. Eriksson, *KU Author

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