MARAC logo superimposed on beautiful photo of spaceMidAmerican Regional Astrophysics Conference 2017
Regional Meeting of the American Astronomical Society

Saturday, April 8
47th Mid-American Regional Astrophysics Conference
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045

Thanks and congratulations to the attendees of MARAC 2017. The day was crammed with talks and posters which were universally regarded as of high quality and content, including that of our invited speaker, Dawn Erb. The only complaint that emerged was the desire for more, i.e. more talks and more time for conversing with the speakers and attendees, a common issue with weekend meetings suffering from tight time constraints. A few shots from the sessions can be found below, including one of a partial view of the audience which eventually filled most of the room. Thanks again!


The MARAC meeting takes place in 2048 MALOTT HALL. Click on the link to see the layout of the room.
The location on the KU campus is noted on the parking map.

General Invitation

All professional scientists involved in teaching and/or research in astronomy/astrophysics/space science are cordially invited to present papers in ANY field of astronomy, astrophysics, or space science. Students are especially welcome. Advanced amateurs are also invited to attend.

Meeting Announcement/Poster

Registration (open)

All attendees, whether presenting a paper or not, are requested to complete the online registration form.

If you do not intend to present a paper at the meeting, you are free to register online anytime or on-site at the meeting.

REGISTRATION FEES WILL BE COLLECTED ON SITE. If you require a receipt, we will be happy to supply one.

Registration Fee:     $25                      Students: $10

The site is current as of March 27, 2017. Please check back as the meeting date nears for updated info and details on talks and presentations.If necessary, the meeting sessions may begin earlier than posted in the Announcement to ensure that all speakers who submit abstracts will be allowed to present.

UPDATES: 04/03/17

While the weekend for MARAC was selected to avoid Easter weekend and the Kansas Relays, the latter making lodging impossible to get within Lawrence, an unexpected event being run by the KU sororities has led to a significant shortage of available hotel rooms within Lawrence. If you planned to stay overnight Friday and/or Saturday and you haven't already made your reservations for a room near KU, you may be out of luck. There are still rooms available at hotels in nearby towns, particularly Topeka, which is a quick 20 minutes down I-70 from Lawrence. If you have trouble getting a room, please check out the options available outside the city. A link to hotels in Topeka is supplied below. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this represents something over which we have no control.

Schedule of Presentations/Posters  (Titles)

Schedule of Presentations/Posters (with Abstracts)

Invited Speaker

Dr. Dawn Erb                                       
Department of Physics
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Professor Erb’s research interests include galaxy formation and evolution, the kinematics, chemical evolution and stellar populations of galaxies at high redshift, feedback processes in starburst galaxies, and the evolution of the intergalactic medium at high redshift.

Poster backboards are 48" x 36" and mounted flat on a display easel; they can be oriented either vertically or horizontally.

There will be WiFi Internet access available at the meeting. The login and password will be provided on site.

Parking is free on SaturdayCLICK to access a map of the parking lots on campus, with the meeting location indicated. There are lots adjacent to Malott Hall on the east and west sides; even on Saturday, these will fill up by mid-morning. The parking garage next to Allen Field House is usually a good bet.

Entering Malott - 2048 Malott
As noted above, most of you will be parked in lots to the WEST of Malott Hall. The building can be confusing because of the design and addition of the newer wing. The meeting takes place in the newer wing on the second floor. If you are walking toward Malott from the west, probably via the parking lot next to the ROTC building, you will approach the point where the old and new wings connect. The Google link here shows you the west side entrance to the old and new wings. Head down the steps into the new wing and take the elevator to the 2nd floor. 2048 is just outside the elevator to the left. 
If you come in from the North/Wescoe Hall side if the old building, as seen here, from the northwest corner entrance, go up the steps, enter the 2nd floor through the door and turn right at the first hallway you encounter. Follow that all the way back to the newer wing and you can't miss the location. If you come in via the main Malott Hall entrance (left side of the Google Map), you are already on the 2nd floor and simply need to continue straight ahead, due south, until you reach the newer wing of Malott.

Places to EAT
As a university town, Lawrence has a wealth of places to eat, ranging from high-end sit-down restaurants to every form of fast-food chain you can hope for. The dining places tend to concentrate along 4 main roads. The closest location, literally a few blocks or 2 minutes away by car, is the east-west road south of campus, 23rd St. The eateries tend to cater to students, so a number of standard places like Arbys, Wendy's, Cici's, etc. can be found here. Additionally, those familiar with Planet Sub near the UMKC campus will also find their local branch on 23rd, just east of Iowa St. At the north end of town, restaurants stretch out east-west along 6th St., with most of the newer chains (e.g. Applebees) west of town, i.e. a few miles west of Iowa St. This is a byproduct of the growing development in that direction. Along the north-south roads, the two main concentrations are downtown along Massachusetts St.and within one block east or west parallel to Mass St. The downtown places are more traditional non-chain fare with excellent food at places like Free State Brewery, The Burger Stand, India Palace, Wheatfields, Genovese, and Mad Greek, just to name a few. These places normally take longer for meals so, if you are in a hurry, you may want to try elsewhere. The other north-south concentration is on Iowa St., south of 23rd. Again, the restaurants here tend to be national/regional chains that have come to Lawrence as the town's commercial district expanded south toward the South Lawrence Trafficway. You will find another Applebees, Chick-fil-A, On-the Border, Jason's Deli, IHOP, etc.  A map with all the places tagged can be accessed at this link. As you might expect, if you're unsure about a place, feel free to ask one of the KU people at the meeting. They will be happy to provide comments and suggestions. Note - most on-campus food locations aren't open on Sat.

Questions & Comments

If you have any comments and/or suggestions for MARAC in general, please contact the LOC (email addresses below) or, for meeting specifics, contact Bruce Twarog via email at:


Barbara J. Anthony-Twarog:
Mark Brodwin:
Jim Caffey:
Jason Ferguson:
Ryan Maderak:
Dan McIntosh: 
Gregory Rudnick:
Angela Speck:
Brian Thomas:
Bruce Twarog:

MARAC organizers abide by the AAS Ethics Statement and have adopted the Anti-Harassment Policy for Meetings and Activities of the American Astronomical Society and Divisions.

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