MARAC logo superimposed on beautiful photo of spaceMidAmerican Regional Astrophysics Conference 2016
Regional Meeting of the American Astronomical Society

Friday and Saturday, April 8 - 9
46th Mid-American Regional Astrophysics Conference
University of Missouri, Kansas City
Kansas City, MO 64110

Meeting room is Miller Nichols Learning Center (= the library) ROOM 451.
The location on the campus of UMKC is noted on the parking map.
Please note: the meeting on Friday, April 8 begins at 1 PM for registration and posters, 2 PM for talks.

General Invitation

All professional scientists involved in teaching and/or research in astronomy/astrophysics/space science are cordially invited to present papers in ANY field of astronomy, astrophysics, or space science. Students are especially welcome. Advanced amateurs are also invited to attend.

Meeting Announcement/Poster


All attendees, whether presenting a paper or not, are requested to complete the online registration form.

If you do not intend to present a paper at the meeting, you are free to register online anytime or on-site at the meeting.

If you intend to present a paper, presentations can be in the form of posters or as oral talks. The oral presentations are composed of 15-minute talks (including time for questions). When completing the on-line registration, please submit your title and abstract, with authors and institutions, before Wednesday, March 23. When completing the on-line form, please be sure to note any restrictions on when you can arrive or need to leave. Titles and Abstracts will be posted as they become available.


Invited Speaker

Dr. Bret D. Lehmer
Department of Physics
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

X-ray Evolution of Galaxies Through the Eons: New Insight From Extragalactic Surveys

Studies of the extragalactic Universe, from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths, have been extremely effective at piecing together a basic picture of how stars in galaxies evolved throughout cosmic history.  At X-ray wavelengths, galaxy emission is dominated by populations of X-ray binaries, which consist of black holes and neutron stars that are accreting material from normal stellar companions.  The cosmic history of X-ray binary emission contains unique information about how the properties of galaxies (e.g.,  star-formation activity, metallicities, and stellar ages), and their black hole and neutron star populations, evolved over cosmic time.  I will present new constraints on the redshift evolution of X-ray emission from galaxies using the 6 Ms Chandra Deep Field-South, the most sensitive X-ray survey of the Universe ever conducted, and discuss how our results have exciting new implications for the heating of the intergalactic medium in the very high redshift Universe (at redshifts z > 5).


FINAL SCHEDULE - Titles and Abstracts

Poster backboards are 48" x 36" and mounted flat on a display easel; they can be oriented either vertically or horizontally.

There will be WiFi Internet access available at the meeting. The login and password will be provided on site.

There will be parking passes available for purchase ($7 each) on Friday.  These allow parking in any faculty, staff or student parking spot (except handicapped or otherwise reserved for university-plated vehicles).   Parking is free on Saturday.  CLICK to access a map of the parking lots on campus, with the meeting location indicated.

Questions & Comments

If you have any comments and/or suggestions for MARAC in general, please contact the LOC (email addresses below) or, for meeting specifics, contact Bruce Twarog via email at: If you have questions about the site of the meeting, please feel free to contact Dr. Mark Brodwin via email at:brodwinm@umkc.


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Mark Brodwin:
Jim Caffey:
Jason Ferguson:
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MARAC organizers abide by the AAS Ethics Statement and have adopted the Anti-Harassment Policy for Meetings and Activities of the American Astronomical Society and Divisions.

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