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Physics Blog Features KU CMS Results

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Quantum Diaries blogger wrote an excellent piece on a paper just submitted to Physical Review Letters (pdf) by the KU CMS team at Cerne. The KU people involved in this analysis are Profs. Phil Baringer, Alice Bean, Michael Murray, and Steve Sanders, postdocs Gabriele Benelli, Gabriele Stringer, and Gemma Tinti, and grad students Pat Kenny, Danny Noonan, Jeff Wood, and Victoria Zhukova. The blog discusses the search for a particular production of top quarks in proton-proton collisions, one which is both rare and difficult to extract even in the 7-TeV LHC collisions.

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Paper of the Week

Baldenegro Barrera, Baringer, Bean, Boren, Bowen, Bylinkin, Isidori, Khalil, King, Krintiras, Kropivnitskaya, Lindsey, Majumder, Mcbrayer, Minafra, Murray, Rogan, Royon, Sanders, Schmitz, Tapia Takaki, Wilson & CMS Collaboration

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