Application Fee Waiver Request for Graduate Study in Physics & Astronomy

**** Fee waivers have been exhausted for the fall 2023 application cycle. We anticipate more to be available next year. ****


In order to request an application fee waiver, please fill out the following webform. Waiver considerations will be reviewed 2 weeks before the September 1st and December 15th application deadlines. This form is for applicants seeking admission to the Physics & Astronomy Graduate Program. To be eligible for a fee waiver you must meet the requirements for regular admission.  Please review these prior to submitting an application for a fee waiver. *NOTE* Due to the limited availability of these waivers, the essay component of this form will weigh heavily in the decision process for the distribution of waivers.

The information in this application will be kept confidential and completely separate from the admissions process. Your application for or receipt of an admissions fee waiver will play no role in the review of your application.