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Lunar Photometry and Libration: Ted. V. Smith

Ted V. Smith, as an undergraduate astronomy major, had worked with Galinaitis, and then continued the lunar photometry project; obtaining his M.A. in 1966. I recall that a rather thorough study of the moon's librations was necessary, and this delayed Ted from getting as much data as he had hoped to obtain. However we also were able to consider related problems that can arise when one inquires about where to position an observer, or observing station, on the Moon in order to carry out various kinds of lunar missions.

It may be remembered that during the sixties there was much effort to prepare for lunar landings on the Moon to fulfill President Kennedy's stated objectives, and this created much public interest. I was even enticed once into appearing on TV to give a quarter hour discussion of the possibility of setting up a space-station on the Moon.

After obtaining his degree Ted Smith went to the Wisconsin State University where he ran the planetarium as well as teaching physics and astronomy. His letter about this, dated December 4, 1967, from Lacrosse, WI, also describes a six-week trip of about 11,000 miles through the southwest and western states and up into Canada (Banff and Jasper Park). However, I unfortunately lost touch with him thereafter.