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Hydrodynamics and Combustion. Lawrence Cloutman

Lawrence (Larry) D. Cloutman majored in physics at K.U. during the late 60's, but took as many astronomy courses as he could fit into his busy schedule. I particularly remember his devising an optical design program that performed ray tracing; he wrote me recently that he originally developed the method to the stage where it would handle optical media with quadric surface boundaries, but not the higher order surfaces (such as correction plates). Larry continued his studies at the University of Indiana, obtaining the M.A. (1971) and the Ph.D. (1972) in astronomy. His doctoral thesis title was A Numerical Approach to the Study of Convective and Semi-Convective Stability (thesis adviser Barry M. Schlesinger).

He has spent his working career at the Los Alamos, Lawrence-Livermore and Sandia (Livermore branch) National Laboratories investigating hydrodynamic problems, especially the numerical simulation of turbulent combustion and reactive flows (such as encountered in an automobile engine). His wife, Elizabeth, graduated from K.U. in 1969, and then obtained a masters in library science while they were at Indiana. She is presently pursuing work to obtain a degree in journalism. They presently live in Livermore, CA. Their son has completed his B.A. in philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley.