Communication Skills

All graduate students, after their first semester, will deliver at least one oral presentation per semester related to physics or astronomy. The talk should be at least 20 minutes long. For students not yet associated with a research group, the Graduate Seminar can serve as a venue.  This is a likely scenario for students who start their studies in the Spring semester, and so enroll in the Graduate Seminar in their second semester.  For students who take the Graduate Seminar (PHSX 717) in their first semester (Fall), the seminar of their research group would be a more natural venue to give a talk.  Students do not need to be enrolled in a research seminar to give a talk in that seminar. Class presentations can also satisfy the talk requirement, provided that they follow the length and signature requirements. When giving presentations, students should fill out the Oral Presentation Form and have it signed by two attendees, one of whom must be a KU Physics or Astronomy faculty member and the other of whom must be a Ph.D. doing research in the department. Faculty members who sign off on the talks are expected to provide constructive feedback to the student. Off-campus venues such as collaboration meetings (when endorsed by their advisor), invited presentations, and conferences can also satisfy this requirement. For this to occur, the student must submit a copy of the agenda or speaking event with the student's presentation indicated. In this case no attendee signatures are required and the 20 minute time limit does not apply. The completed form or evidence of the off-campus presentation must be handed to the office staff. The graduate advisor will monitor student compliance with the requirement.