Graduate Teaching Assistantship Information

For non native English speaking students, please see the Graduate Studies English proficiency requirements for GTA eligibility. 

Pedagogical Instruction

Every student who receives a GTA appointment will be required to complete PHSX 702 at the first offering of the course starting with the semester of the student's initial GTA appointment. Failure to complete this class at the first opportunity may affect consideration for subsequent GTA appointments.

GTA Time Limits

A graduate student of the Department is allowed to hold a GTA appointment for a maximum number of 12 semesters (spring and fall semesters only). In special situations, a student can submit an application to extend eligibility to the Graduate Committee. Accompanying this request should be a detailed plan on graduation and a statement on the length of extension needed (up to the 16 semester maximum allowed by the College). We suggest that the detailed plan be completed using the Degree Completion Agreement template.