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Dr. Stuartt Corder slits time between Jansky and ALMA

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dr. Stuartt Corder (BS: Astronomy, Physics, Math –2001) writes 
"Hi everyone, just wanted to update my status a bit. I decided to put the "normal" Jansky appointment on hold and took a joint position where I spend half my time working on commissioning the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) and the other half doing science as a Jansky Fellow. I'll be here in Chile for 2 years (and a bit more) before returning to the US for 2-3 years in Charlottesville, VA as a "normal" Jansky Fellow. The project has just accepted its first (of 66) antennas from the vendor and we have two front ends. Another antenna (roughly scheduled for acceptance in Jan/Feb 2009) and we can work towards doing interferometry! The family is doing well in Chile. Vivian decided to start walking a few days short of 9 months and is now causing all kinds of trouble at 10 months and a bit. Exciting times."

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