The Sky this Week - (Sky & Telescope): July 30 - August 7

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AAL Events and Meetings

All of our activities are open to the public, please join us.
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IN PERSON MEETINGS at the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center (BWDC):
                                                           SUNDAY AUGUST 29 - 7 PM

For this meeting, and all future meetings at BWDC, we will be following the guidelines established by the Discovery Center.  Currently all people inside the building are required to wear facemasks, and there is a 25-person maximum on meeting size.  AAL will continue to monitor the Discovery Center guidelines for changes between now and the August meeting. Whatever guidelines are in place on August 29 will be the guidelines that we will follow.
The post meeting public observing session will occur as soon as it gets dark after the meeting. The meeting typically ends about 8:00 to 8:15.

SUMMER PUBLIC OBSERVING (weather permitting)   
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Regular Public Observing at the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center takes place after the monthly meetings during the Fall and Spring semesters. See the map below for the site of the Discovery Center in south Lawrence. The AAL meetings will begin at 7PM and finish in time to allow all attendees to take part in the open observing.  Meetings will take place irrespective of the weather conditions and observing begins, weather permitting, after the meetings as soon as it gets dark enough to observe.               

The Facebook page for the Discovery Center can be accessed here.

In addition to telescopes set up by AAL members, we will be utilizing the 14" scope permanently housed at the Discovery Center.  
Come join the fun and enjoy the dark(er) skies south of town.