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Telescope Loaner Program


One benefit of membership in the Astronomy Associates of Lawrence is access to the variety of telescopes that are part of the AAL Telescope Lending Program. This program allows club members who don't own or have access to a telescope to borrow one for touring the night sky.

The AAL Telescope Lending Program can be particularly beneficial to novices who not only want to become familiar with the night sky, but would also like to learn something about the different amateur telescopes available today. Through the program, you can borrow a number of different types of amateur telescopes and compare them before making that difficult decision about what to purchase for your first telescope.


  • Lending telescopes can be checked out only by AAL members.
  • Novices must first complete a training session to learn how to transport, care for, and use the program's telescope.
  • The loan period is 2 weeks and can be renewed if no other requests for the equipment have been received.
  • While in the care of an AAL member, the equipment must be stored in clean, sheltered environment with all dust caps, covers, etc. in place.
  • Telescopes are delicate precision instruments and must be handled with care. Borrowers should not disassemble any part of the scope or attempt any repairs or cleaning of the optics. If you believe that the scope needs maintenance or cleaning please contact aaltelescopelenderprogram@gmail.com for assistance.
  • No fee is charged to check out equipment. However, the participating AAL member agrees to replace any missing or damaged equipment.
  • AAL members with equipment on loan are required to promptly return the equipment once the 2 week period has expired.
  • By checking out any equipment listed on this page, the HAS member agrees to these terms.


None of the telescopes included in this program are equipped for safely observing the Sun. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN THROUGH THESE TELESCOPES!

There will be training sessions held for novices to teach the basics: care and storage of the telescope, how to align, how to point, how to star hop, and how to use a star chart. These will be held at an agreed upon time and location, for example, following a monthly club meeting. Members will be required to complete this training before borrowing a beginner level telescope.

The intermediate/advanced telescopes will require borrowers to demonstrate the ability to properly and safely use the telescope. For more information, please send an email to   aaltelescopelenderprogram@gmail.com
Be sure to put the name of the telescope you wish to borrow in the header.
An application form email will be sent as a response to your request if the telescope requested is available.

Telescope Lending Program Inventory

Jason Model 307 Explorer 60mm Refractor


Celestron AstroMaster EQ 70mm Refractor


Celestron PowerSeeker EQ 114mm Reflector



Celestron Celestar 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain


Explore Scientific FirstLight 10” Dobsonian  Reflector


All Telescopes will be supplied with instructions, eyepiece(s), Mag 7 Star Atlas, Moon Map, Red Flashlight

AAL Facilities

The Astronomy Associates of Lawrence hold an open public observing session at the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center every month during the school year, weather permitting, usually on the last Sunday of the month. The observing takes place as soon as it becomes dark after the monthly meetings of the club, which begin at 7PM. Telescopes owned by members of the club and the 14-inch telescope permanently mounted on site

are set up for direct viewing through an eyepiece or via a video display of the telescope field of view.

Anyone is welcome to come out and share the view and to bring their own scopes that may be sitting around unused. Club members are more than happy to help guide novice observers through the process of setting up and using a scope. If possible, check the Facebook page for the club to learn if an observing session is on or cancelled.

Schedule of Open Houses and Club meetings.