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Application Fee Waiver Request for Graduate Study in Physics & Astronomy

In order to request an application fee waiver, please fill out the following webform. Waiver considerations will be reviewed on or before December 15th to allow students to meet the December 31st application deadline. This form is for applicants seeking admission to the Physics & Astronomy Graduate Program. *NOTE* Due to the limited availability of these waivers, the essay component of this form will weigh heavily in the decision process for the distribution of waivers.

Please list any completed degrees and identify the institutions(s) which granted them.
Please list the cumulative GPA (4.0 US-scale) on your transcript for the degrees you specified.
Please use this space to expand on why you are requesting a fee waiver. Describe why you want to do research at KU and any pertinent background information that may relate to this. Please try to keep the length of the statement under 3 paragraphs.
*International Students Only* Please list your TOEFL or IELTS reading, writing, listening, and speaking scores.

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