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In 1981, Takeru Higuchi and his wife, Aya, established a program to recognize research accomplishments of researchers at Kansas Board of Regents institutions. Takeru Higuchi

The four Research Achievement Awards are named for four individuals -- Balfour S. Jeffrey, Olin K. Petefish, Dolph Simons Sr. and Irvin E. Youngberg -- in recognition of their contributions to the KU research program. In describing these honorees, Higuchi said "They gave themselves unselfishly for the betterment of the university and the state."

Designed to recognize significant research achievement, these awards were first presented in the fall of 1982.  Each award of $10,000 may be expended over five years in support of the recipient's activities, such as research materials, summer salary, fellowship matching funds, equipment, research assistants, or any other purpose consistent with the advancement of the individual's research program.  Each award is made by the Chancellor upon the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor for Research.  Award recipients are announced during the fall semester and recognized formally at a ceremony and reception in November on the KU campus in Lawrence.


Winners of the Olin K. Petefish/Higuchi Research Awards have been:

Dr. Thomas P. Armstrong         1983

Dr. Thomas E. Cravens              2005

    Dr. Judy Z. Wu                        2012

    Dr. Siyuan Han                        2013


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