Individualized plan for ensuring student preparation for MS or PhD degrees in Physics. All students are eligible to immediately enroll in graduate classes.

Students who do not take the Physics GRE or scored less than 650 will be required to take a diagnostic exam that consists of GRE-like questions in Classical Mechanics, E&M, Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics. This exam will be administered upon a student's entry into the program during Orientation. Students will be made aware well-before arriving that the diagnostic is a GRE-like exam covering the four areas outlined above. A team of faculty members will combine the results of this test with the undergraduate transcript to develop an individualized assessment plan that may involve up to six undergraduate lecture courses. In consultation with this team, the student is free to decide which, if any, of these recommended courses to take in order to complete their preparation for graduate physics courses. 

Incoming students with a verified Physics GRE score of 650 or greater will not have to take the diagnostic exam.

Following the development of the individualized plan, the score on the diagnostic will be saved in the student’s confidential folder as a means to track internally the correlation of diagnostic scores with student success. Any undergraduate courses that the student chooses to take as a result of the individualized plan must be completed within one year of entry into the program.