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Research in Astrophysics, including “Basic”, High-Energy, Plasma, Lab and Bio Astrophysics

CREDIT OFFERED: PHSX 500-600 level courses (Mechanics, E&M).

SALARY OFFERED: RA is available, possibly after a trial period

CONTACT PERSON: Prof. Misha Medvedev (medvedev@ku.edu)

COREQUISITE: PHSX 795 desirable and attendance at space seminar.

DESIRED SKILLS: Experience with computer programming and/or good analytical skills are desirable.

DESCRIPTION OF JOB: Possible research topics are diverse and include theoretical studies and/or computer modeling of: (i) energetic phenomena in the Universe (gamma-ray bursts, supernova explosions, active galactic nuclei, accretion of gas onto neutron stars and black holes); (ii) various plasma-physical (microscopic) phenomena in interplanetary, interstellar, intergalactic and inter-cluster medium that affect things we observe with telescopes; (iii) transient behavior of plasmas produced by extremely powerful (Petawatt-scale) lasers attempting to reconstruct extreme astrophysical conditions in lab experiments; (iv) energetic particle (cosmic ray) production, propagation in and interaction with our Galaxy, the heliosphere, Earth’s magnetosphere and atmosphere as a part of an ongoing astrobiology (or, better, bio-astrophysics) project linking cosmic causes to biological evolution.

Your own ideas and projects in these or other areas are encouraged.

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