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Every year the University of Kansas "Surprise Patrol" bestowed good news and $7,500 checks on 10 professors as part of the annual Kemper Awards to recognize outstanding teachers and advisers at KU. The recipients of the W.T. Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence were determined by a seven-member selection committee. Marking their 16th year and final year in 2011, the awards were supported by $650,000 in gifts from the William T. Kemper Foundation (Commerce Bank, trustee) and $650,000 in matching funds from KU Endowment.

The William T. Kemper Foundation was established in 1989 after the death of the Kansas City, Mo., banking executive and civic leader. The foundation supports Midwest communities and concentrates on initiatives in education, health and human services, civic improvements and the arts.

Recipients of the Kemper Teaching Award within Physics and Astronomy  were:

Dr. Bruce A. Twarog (1998)               Dr. Phil Baringer (2003)             Dr. Barbara Anthony-Twarog (2004) 


                                Dr. Dave Besson (2005)                       Dr. Judy Wu (2006)


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