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NLO effects in EFT fits to W+W− production at the LHC

We study the impact of anomalous gauge boson and fermion couplings on the production of W+W- pairs at potential future LHC upgrades and estimate the sensitivity at √{S }=14 TeV with 3 ab-1 and √{S }=27 TeV with 15 ab-1. A general technique for including next-to-leading order (NLO) QCD effects in effective field theory (EFT) fits to kinematic distributions is presented, and numerical results are given for √{S }=13 TeV W+W- production. Our method allows fits to anomalous couplings at NLO accuracy in any EFT basis and has been implemented in a publicly available version of the powheg-box. Analytic expressions for the K -factors relevant for 13 TeV total cross sections are given for the Hagiwara-Ishihara-Szalapski-Zeppenfeld and Warsaw EFT bases and differential K -factors can be obtained using the Supplemental Material. Our study demonstrates the necessity of including anomalous Z -fermion couplings in the extraction of limits on anomalous three-gauge-boson couplings.

Physical Review D, Volume 99, Issue 3, id.035029, Feb. 2019

Julien Baglio, Sally Dawson, and Ian M. Lewis* *KU Author

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