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Office Manager Named Staff Employee of the Month - October 2016

The University of Kansas congratulates Kristin Rennells on her selection as Staff Employee of the Month for October 2016.

Kristin Rennells serves as the Office Manager for the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Since Kristin joined the Department about four years ago, she has organized the office and delegated responsibility throughout. Thanks primarily to her organization and guidance, everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to do, how to do it and, If problems arise, how to resolve them. Kristin is often the first to hear about any problem that arises in the Department and is first to either suggest a solution or redirect it to someone who can.

Her abilities extend far beyond the office. She is the liaison to professional staff, as well as postdoctoral researchers and faculty. Kristin is the face of the Physics and Astronomy Department and, as the Department attests: “We cannot be represented by someone more efficient and friendly as Kristin manages to be.”


Examples of Kristin’s adaptability and creativity would fill pages and she proves her ability almost daily. The Chair of Physics & Astronomy states: “I have no idea how it is possible to run a department as diverse and complex as this one without her.” She helps all foreign visitors, students, and faculty to obtain all necessary documents. She organizes all departmental-wide events, be it the annual department picnic or banquet, local, regional and national meetings, or the Department’s graduate recruitment weekend when prospective graduate students visit from all over North America.

Kristin’s help and leadership in organizing lab and office spaces, as well as their maintenance and construction, cannot be praised too highly. She helps new employees to get settled, to find furniture and, in general, to find their way around KU and Kansas. In addition to her nomination, twelve letters of support were submitted from faculty, students, and staff within the Department. Among the oft-repeated comments: “her work allows Department staff and faculty to do their jobs better”, “she truly cares about the success of her colleagues and her Department”, and “through her efforts, she has succeeded in completely changing the dynamics of the Department.”

Her dedication to the Department, her pride in our personnel, and her genuine interest and dedication to the Department’s work are truly inspiring.

The video of the entire ceremony can be viewed by clicking on this link.