Our largest student population has been our undergraduate majors seeking a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Astronomy. These degree programs offer an excellent undergraduate education, training some of the finest problem solvers and analysts of the future! The majority of our undergraduate majors are involved in research projects during their years here; a few will earn summer scholarship support from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or through research grants to faculty supervising their projects. KU majors have also competed successfully on a regular basis for summer internships at REU sites around the country and KU majors currently are guaranteed one slot at the REU program hosted by SDSU at Mt. Laguna Observatory outside of San Diego. 

While the University of Kansas does not have a Ph.D. program in Astronomy, it is possible to earn aPh.D. in Physics at KU with an astrophysically-oriented dissertation. We also award M.S. degrees in Physics to students who have completed astrophysical research projects, as well M.S. degrees in Computational Physics and Astronomy.​