Richard P. Sapp

Richard Sapp
  • Professor Emeritus
  • Physics & Astronomy

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Dr. Sapp was born in Indiana in 1928 and educated in the Wilmington, Ohio public schools through 1946. He received BS degrees in Physics and Math from Wilmington College in 1949, followed by a PhD in Physics from Ohio State University in 1955, working on nuclear orientation in crystals at very low temperatures. After a two-year stint as a postdoctoral fellow at Rice Institute, Dick joining the KU faculty as an assistant professor in 1957. Dr. Sapp retired as a full professor in Physics and Astronomy in 1993, ending an extensive research career investigating low-temperature solid state magnetism and nuclear orientation. As professor emeritus, his time has been consumed by travel and reviewing some old, unresolved research problems.


PhD in Physics, Ohio State University, 1955