AAL Purpose: Look up!

AAL is people who look at the sky with curiosity, awe, wonder, and a will to learn more about our universe. The purpose of this club is to show more and more people the night sky, to teach them about it and to help them learn more, so they too can tell others about how wonderful and vast our night skies are. AAL is not just for expert observers or professional astronomers, it is for everyone, all ages, all skill levels and from anywhere in the world. Even if you have never touched a telescope, or seen the moon's craters through a telescope or binoculars, it is never too late to become involved in astronomy.

Astronomy IS the people's science!!

Every year amateur astronomers play an increasingly vital role in astronomy. From searching for Near Earth Objects (NEO) to monitoring variable stars there are many opportunities for interested observers. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one to find the next Hale-Bopp!!

hale-Bopp image
Comet Hale-Bopp