Astronomy Undergraduate Program

Astrobiology Minor Requirements

Minors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are constructed with the following basic requirements: 18 hours in the minor field, with 12 of those hours required to be at a junior/senior level.   The specific requirements for the astrobiology minor follow:

Preparatory coursework should include calculus (MATH 121 or 116, with 121 the preferred path) and CHEM 184.

Additional credits in astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology or physics (ABCGP) are required as follows:

Required Courses Hours
BIOL 150 Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology 4
GEOL 101 or GEOL 105 or GEOL 121 Intro. to Geology or History of the Earth or Prehistoric Life  3
ASTR 391 Physical Astronomy 3
ASTR 394 or 3 credits of undergraduate research in astrobiology Extraterrestrial Life  3
  6 credits of coursework in ABCGP at the 300-level or higher and not in the student’s major field 6