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Search for a charged Higgs boson in pp collisions at √s =8 TeV



A search for a charged Higgs boson is performed with a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 19.7 ± 0.5 fb-1 collected with the CMS detector in proton-proton collisions at √{s}=8 ,TeV. The charged Higgs boson is searched for in top quark decays for m H± < m t - m b, and in the direct production pp → t(b)H± for m H± > m t - m b. The H± → τ ± ν τ and H± → tb decay modes in the final states τ h+jets, μτ h, ℓ+jets, and ℓℓ' ( ℓ =e, μ) are considered in the search. No signal is observed and 95% confidence level upper limits are set on the charged Higgs boson production. A model-independent upper limit on the product branching fraction B(tto {H}^{±}b)B({H}^{±}to {τ}^{± }{ν}_{τ})=1.2-0.15% is obtained in the mass range m H± = 80-160 GeV, while the upper limit on the cross section times branching fraction σ (ppto t(b){H}^{±})B({H}^{±}to {τ}^{± }{ν}_{τ})=0.38-0.025 pb is set in the mass range m H+ = 180-600 GeV. Here, σ(pp → t(b)H±) stands for the cross section sum σ (ppto overline{t}(b){H}+)+σ (ppto t(overline{b}){H}-) . Assuming B({H}^{±}to tb)=1 , an upper limit on σ(pp → t(b)H±) of 2.0-0.13 pb is set for m H± = 180-600 GeV. The combination of all considered decay modes and final states is used to set exclusion limits in the m H±-tan β parameter space in different MSSM benchmark scenarios.

Journal of High Energy Physics

, 2015:18

P. Baringer*, A. Bean*, G. Benelli*, C. Bruner*, R. P. Kenny III*, D. Majumder*, M. Malek*, M. Murray*, S. Sanders*, R. Stringer*, Q. Wang* and CMS Collaboration * KU Authors

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Baldenegro Barrera, Baringer, Bean, Boren, Bowen, Bylinkin, Isidori, Khalil, King, Krintiras, Kropivnitskaya, Lindsey, Majumder, Mcbrayer, Minafra, Murray, Rogan, Royon, Sanders, Schmitz, Tapia Takaki, Wilson & CMS Collaboration

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