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Self Graduate Fellows - Physics & Astronomy

The Self Graduate Fellowship

The mission of the University of Kansas Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship is to identify, recruit, and provide development opportunities for exceptional Ph.D. students in business, economics, engineering, mathematics, biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and physical sciences who demonstrate the promise to make significant contributions to their fields of study and society as a whole.New Self Graduate Fellows for 2017-2018 will receive annual support of $30,500 for four years. Payment is through appointment as a graduate research assistant, or occasionally as a graduate teaching assistant. The fellowship covers tuition, fees, and the employer's share of student health insurance costs. Additionally, Fellows receive a $5,000 professional development award to support travel to conferences. All fellows must actively participate in the Fellow Development Program. The total value of the four-year doctoral fellowship exceeds $165,000. The 32 current Self Graduate Fellows are among 170 students who have benefited from the fellowship since it was established in 1989.

The Fellow Development Program provides general education and training in communication, management, and leadership to assist Self Graduate Fellows in preparation for future leadership roles, complementing the specialized education and training provided in the Ph.D. programs. Fellows interact with nationally prominent experts to gain broad knowledge of public policy topics. A capstone of the development program is an intensive government and science policy seminar held in Washington, D.C.

Self Fellows within the Department of Physics & Astronomy are:

Margaret Lazarovits     Physics & Astronomy    2019-2023









Jennifer Cooper     Physics & Astronomy    2017-2021









Justin Williams     Physics & Astronomy    2016-2020








Samuel Lane         Physics & Astronomy    2015-2019








Brittany Krutty      Physics & Astronomy    2012-2016








 Brian C. Thomas   Physics & Astronomy    1999-2003