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Sergei F. Shandarin

Primary office:
6070C Malott Hall


Professional Background

1991-present: Professor, University of Kansas
1987-1991: Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Physical Problems, the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow
1975-1987: Junior Research Fellow, Research Fellow, Institute of Applied Mathematics, the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow


1985: Senior Doctorate, Lomonosov Moscow State University
1974: Ph.D., Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


My main interests are dynamics and statistics of the supercluster - void network in spacial distribution of galaxies in the universe also referred to as the cosmic web. In particular, I am interested in nonlinear dynamics of gravitational instability which is the major mechanism for the formation of a large variety of objects in the universe. I am interested in geometrical and topological statistical descriptors of the distribution of mass and galaxies in space such as the percolation statistics or Minkowski functionals.


  • Fellow, American Physics Society
  • Member, American Astronomical Society 
  • Member, International Astronomical Union
  • Member, Astronomical Society of India

Selected Publications