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Sergei F. Shandarin

Primary office:
6070C Malott Hall


Professional Background

1991-present: Professor, University of Kansas
1987-1991: Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Physical Problems, the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow
1975-1987: Junior Research Fellow, Research Fellow, Institute of Applied Mathematics, the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow


1985: Senior Doctorate, Lomonosov Moscow State University
1974: Ph.D., Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


My main interests are dynamics and statistics of the supercluster - void network in spacial distribution of galaxies in the universe also referred to as the cosmic web. In particular, I am interested in nonlinear dynamics of gravitational instability which is the major mechanism for the formation of a large variety of objects in the universe. I am interested in geometrical and topological statistical descriptors of the distribution of mass and galaxies in space such as the percolation statistics or Minkowski functionals.


  • Fellow, American Physics Society
  • Member, American Astronomical Society 
  • Member, International Astronomical Union
  • Member, Astronomical Society of India

Selected Publications

Department Communications
Paper of the Week

Brian D. Fields, Adrian L. Melott, John Ellis, Adrienne F. Ertel, Brian J. Fry, Bruce S. Lieberman, Zhenghai Liu, Jesse A. Miller, and Brian C. Thomas

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