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Spectroscopic Abundances in the Open Cluster NGC 6819

Astronomical Journal 149, 121, 2015


High-dispersion spectra of 333 stars in the open cluster NGC 6819, obtained using the HYDRA spectrograph on the WIYN 3.5 m telescope, have been analyzed to determine the abundances of iron and other metals from lines in the 400 Å region surrounding the Li 6708 Å line. Our spectra, with signal-to-noise per pixel ranging from 60 to 300, span the luminosity range from the tip of the red giant branch to a point two magnitudes below the top of the cluster turnoff. We derive radial and rotational velocities for all stars, as well as [Fe/H] based on 17 iron lines, [Ca/H], [Si/H], and [Ni/H] in the 247 most probable, single members of the cluster. Input Teff estimates for model atmosphere analysis are provided by (B-V) colors merged from several sources, with individual reddening corrections applied to each star relative to a cluster mean of E(B-V) = 0.16. Extensive use is made of ROBOSPECT, an automatic equivalent width measurement program; its effectiveness on large spectroscopic samples is discussed. From the sample of likely single members, [Fe/H] = −0.03 ± 0.06, where the error describes the median absolute deviation about the sample median value, leading to internal precision for the cluster below 0.01 dex. The final uncertainty in the cluster abundance is therefore dominated by external systematics due to the temperature scale, surface gravity, and microturbulent velocity, leading to [Fe/H] = −0.02 ± 0.02 for a sub-sample restricted to main sequence and turnoff stars. This result is consistent with our recent intermediate-band photometric determination of a slightly subsolar abundance for this cluster. [Ca/Fe], [Si/Fe], and [Ni/Fe] are determined to be solar within the uncertainties. NGC 6819 has an abundance distribution typical of solar metallicity thin disk stars in the solar neighborhood.



Donald B. Lee-Brown*, Barbara J. Anthony-Twarog*, Constantine P. Deliyannis, Evan Rich*, and Bruce A. Twarog* * KU Physics and Astronomy Authors

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