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University Scholarly Achievement Awards

Each year, the University of Kansas recognizes a group of mid-career faculty members as recipients of a University Scholarly Achievement Award. This $10,000 award recognizes a significant scholarly or research contribution, creative work (an exhibition, performance, composition, article or book, or major collaborative project) or a series of closely related contributions. This award considers a diversity of fields.The University Scholarly Achievement Award is a marquee award for our university and a way to recognize standout researchers who embody our mission to make discoveries that change the world.

Selection Process

All nominations are evaluated by a panel of eight individuals, two each from the following areas:

  • Arts and Humanities (School of the Arts, Humanities, Architecture and Design, Music)
  • Science, Technology and Mathematics (Math, Natural Sciences, Engineering)
  • Clinical Science (KU Medical Center and School of Pharmacy)
  • Social Science and Professional Programs (Social Sciences, Social Welfare, Education, Journalism, Law, Business)

Members of the selection panel are appointed by the chancellor. The panel may recommend up to four awards each year in any of the above areas, depending on the number of meritorious nominations.  


Contributions are evaluated on how they:

  • Advance the field of scholarship
  • Exhibit novelty and originality
  • Promote scholarly and research activity or creative works at KU
  • Enhance the university’s national and international reputation

Winners from the Department of Physics & Astronomy

Mikhail Medvedev - 2013

Greg Rudnick - 2016

Rudnick, Gregory

Department Communications
Paper of the Week

Brian D. Fields, Adrian L. Melott, John Ellis, Adrienne F. Ertel, Brian J. Fry, Bruce S. Lieberman, Zhenghai Liu, Jesse A. Miller, and Brian C. Thomas

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