The KUEA Donor Portal has been updated and now resides at KU Endowment - Give to KU – Give to KU (

To give to a specific Physics & Astronomy fund, please scroll down to the  “Choose area(s)” section and click on the “Choose Area(s) button. This will bring up a secondary window with a list of all of the available KUEA funds. In the upper right corner, use the search function to locate the account of your choosing. If you enter “physics”, it will bring up all of the accounts with “physics” in the name. The same would happen when searching for “astronomy”. While those methods will bring up most of the accounts which are accepting donations, it does not bring up all possible Physics & Astronomy funds. Therefore, if you wish to give to a particular one, please search for part of the fund’s name (for example, “curry” for the Bob Curry Teaching Lab Fund). Once you find the fund to which you wish to give, check the box next to the name and hit the “Save and Close” button to return to the webform to complete your gift.

Development Funds

The Department Development Fund (external) provides unrestricted funds to support any need of the Department, including travel costs for invited speakers, student expenses for research and conferences, publication of the annual newsletter, Momentum, etc.

The Engineering Physics Fund (external) is established to provide financial support and academic resources (tuition, research support, travel expenses, etc.) for students majoring in Engineering Physics.

Undergraduate Funds

The Badgley Scholarship Fund (external) provides financial support for a a female undergraduate majoring in any program within the Department. 

This fund will support KU students pursuing degrees in physics, astronomy or engineering physics. Recipients may be selected based on any combination of need, the students' outreach/diversity and inclusion efforts, and their initiative to pursue research or teaching in physics, astronomy or engineering physics. Support may be used for the purchase of textbooks, software, calculators, student research supplies, etc

The Prosser Scholarship Fund (external) provides financial support for an outstanding sophomore student majoring in Physics or Engineering Physics.

The Stranathan Scholarship Fund (external) provides financial support for an outstanding senior Physics or Engineering Physics major.

The Undergraduate Scholars Fund (external) provides financial support for an incoming freshman in any major within the Department

Graduate Funds

The Lowry Graduate Enhancement Fund (external) provides financial support for an exceptional graduate student within the Department or for recruiting a graduate student. Student must be a US citizen.

The Redeker Graduate Fellowship Fund (external) provides financial support for a graduate student working toward a PhD within the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The candidate must be a high academic achiever with a verifiable financial need. The student must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Research Support and Instrumentation Funds

The Curry Fund for Teaching Labs (external) is established to support the teaching lab at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. This includes equipment, UG and Graduate Teaching Assistants support and any other expenditure that may enhance and/or upgrade the teaching labs.

This fund shall be used to purchase and support equipment in the Physics and Astronomy Department at The University of Kansas. The donor expresses a preference to support research lab equipment used in the graduate program. Expenditures from the fund shall be made upon the recommendation of the chair of the Physics and Astronomy Department with the approval of KU Endowment.

The Nanofabrication Lab Fund (external) provides financial support for a graduate student working within Condensed Matter/Nano Physics and support for the Nanofabrication Lab.

Faculty Funds

The Astrophysics Faculty Fund (external) provides financial support for the enhancement of faculty hires within Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The Condensed Matter Physics Fund (external) offers unrestricted support for the CMP program