Undergraduate Program

The department offers a number of degree options in the areas of physics, astronomy, and engineering physics.


Physics is the foundational science for virtually all fields within the natural sciences and engineering. The research efforts underway at KU encompass both pure and applied physics and address topics ranging from the fundamental nature of matter and energy to nanotechnology, renewable energy, and physics education. The goals of the undergraduate physics program at KU are to help students identify their area of interest and the tools to succeed within that specialty tailored to their specific career interests.

Undergraduate Physics Degrees

Physics undergraduate students at the Large Hedron Collider at CERN


Astronomy is the oldest science and in many ways one of the newest. The research efforts underway at KU span the universe: from planets around other stars near the sun, and the gas and dust surrounding the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole, to distant black holes that are as bright as a billion suns, and the formation of the earliest galaxies that are some of the most distant objects we can see. This observational work is complemented by related research in cosmology, plasma astrophysics, and astroparticle physics.

Outer space

Engineering Physics

KU's Engineering Physics program is designed for students with interest in both science and engineering. This collaborative degree program, jointly administered with the KU School of Engineering, focuses on applying physics to modern technology and understanding the physics underlying modern engineering practice. Students have the opportunity to pursue one of four specializations - Aerospace Systems, Chemical Systems, Digital Electronic Systems, and Electromechanical Control Systems – and are provided with excellent preparation for a career in industry or for advanced graduate work in STEM.

Engineering Physics Degree

Undergraduate student performing Engineering Physics research

Advising Information


Current or prospective students are encouraged to contact the College Academic Advisor or Faculty Advisors for physics, astronomy, and engineering physics majors (note advisors are assigned alphabetically by last name).

George Timson - gtimson@ku.edu or make an appointment on Jayhawk GPS

Email Prof. Daniel Tapia Takaki at jdtt@ku.edu.

Email Prof. Allison Kirkpatrick at akirkpatrick@ku.edu.

Email Prof. Jack Shi at shi@ku.edu.