Physics & Astronomy Alumni Board

The Physics and Astronomy Alumni Board (PAAB) was established in 2006 . Its primary role, as approved by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, is as follows: the Physics & Astronomy Alumni Board (PAAB) will advise & assist the Department of Physics and Astronomy with their stated mission of education, research, and service by contributing their time, talent, and financial support. Specifically, the PAAB shall:

  • assist and advise the Department in maintaining effective communication with alumni of the Department;
  • advise faculty and students on current and future trends in Physics and Astronomy;
  • assist and advise the Department on fund-raising efforts and aid in the identification of future sources of support;
  • assist with equipment and facility needs.

The PAAB was initially established with 6 members and met for the first time in Spring 2007. Board membership expanded annually until membership of 10 was attained in Spring 2010. The board includes faculty liaisons. Members of the Board can be communicated with by email either individually, using the addresses listed below after each bio, or by contacting the Department at

Physics & Astronomy Alumni Board
Colleen McKee -  
Caitlin Rochford  
Lindley Johnson  
James Pintar  
Michael Rasmussen  
Joe Shields  
Patrick Sterner  
Judy Yu