Ian J.M. Crossfield

Ian Crossfield
  • Associate Professor
  • Research Interests: Astronomy, Exoplanets
  • Physics & Astronomy

Contact Info

Malott Hall, room 2058D
1251 Wescoe Hall Dr.
Lawrence, KS 66045


2020-present: Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

2017-2020: Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2017: Associate Researcher, UC Santa Cruz


PhD in Astronomy, UCLA, 2012
MS in Astronomy, UCLA, 2009
BS in Physics, University of California, 2004, Irvine
Magna Cum Laude


Prof. Crossfield leads the KU ExoLab, a research group dedicated to the discovery and characterization of nearby planetary systems. The ExoLab's interests lie in exoplanet formation, composition, detection, and characterization.  They study extrasolar planets and their host stars using both photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy from the ground and space. Visit my personal website for more information.

Explore more: Prof. Crossfield's first-author papers; and papers by ExoLab team members and colleagues.


As of 2021, Prof. Crossfield has been P.I. or lead author of:

  • >1200 hours of space telescope observing time (Hubble and Spitzer)
  • >5000 targets observed by NASA's planet-hunting telescopes (Kepler and TESS)
  • >700 hours on ground-based 6-10m telescopes (Keck, Gemini, VLT, Subaru, LBT, Magellan, MMT),
  • >1000 hours on 2-5m telescopes (IRTF, WIYN, APF, Shane, NTT

Research interests:

  • Astronomy
  • Exoplanets