Allison Kirkpatrick

Allison Kirkpatrick
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Chair
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Research Interests: Astronomy
  • Physics & Astronomy

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Malott Hall, room 2056C
1251 Wescoe Hall Dr.
Lawrence, KS 66045


2018-present: Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

2016-2018: Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics


PhD in Astronomy, University of Massachusetts, 2016
BS in Mathematics, University of Florida, 2007


I am an observational astronomer with a focus on supermassive black holes and their effect on how galaxies evolve. I use data from Spitzer, Herschel, Hubble, Chandra, and many other telescopes to quantify the energy output of supermassive black holes and the amount of star formation in host galaxies. Most recently, I am a key member of the Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science (CEERS) collaboration, which will have some of the first data taken with the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope.