Mikhail (Misha) V. Medvedev

Mikhail Medvedev
  • Professor
  • APS Fellow - DPP
  • Research Interests: Space, Astrobiophysics, Astro/Cosmology
  • Physics & Astronomy

Contact Info

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Malott Hall, room 6070D
1251 Wescoe Hall Dr.
Lawrence, KS 66045


2011-present: Professor, University of Kansas

2006-2011: Associate Professor, University of Kansas

2010: Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

2009-2010: Ib Henriksen Visiting Professor, Niels Bohr International Academy, Denmark

2002-2006: Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

2000-2002: Postdoctoral Fellow, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA)

1998-2000: Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, Department of Astronomy

1996-1998: Postgraduate Researcher, University of California, San Diego

1993-1996: Research/Teaching Assistant, University of California, San Diego


PhD in Physics, University of California at San Diego, 1996
MS in Physics, University of California at San Diego, 1994
MS, Moscow Institute for Physics & Technology, Dolgoprudny, Russia
Supreme Laude


My research interests cover a wide variety of subjects in high-energy astrophysics and space physics, including: Gamma-ray bursts (the strongest and brightest explosions in the Universe), relativistic shock waves, magnetic field generation, radiation physics, observational aspects. Astrobiology: how life on Earth has been (and will be) affected by cosmogenic factors, such as gamma-ray bursts, supernovae, energetic solar flares, etc. Accretion physics: the dynamics of the gas infall onto strongly gravitating objects, signatures of black holes and neutron stars in the accretion spectra. Colsmology: transport phenomena (e.g. thermal conduction) in galaxy clusters, transport in irregular and chaotic magnetic fields, origin of magnetic fields in the Universe. Solar and stellar wind physics: structure of termination shocks, charge-exchange x-rays from shocks, nonlinear waves in the solar wind.

Selected Publications

My Selected Publications


  • M.V. Medvedev, “Evaporation” of a flavor-mixed particle from a gravitational potential, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 43 (2010) 372002

Gamma-Ray Bursts, shocks and jitter radiation:

  • M.V. Medvedev, J.T. Frederiksen, T. Haugboelle, A. Nordlund, Radiation from subLarmor scale magnetic fields, Astrophys. J. 737, 55 (2011)
  • M.V. Medvedev, S. Pothapragada, S. Reynolds, Modeling Spectral Variability of Prompt GRB Emission within the Jitter Radiation Paradigm, Astrophys. J. Lett. 702, L91 (2009)
  • M.V. Medvedev, The theory of spectral evolution of the GRB prompt emission, Astrophys. J., 637, 869 (2006)
  • M.V. Medvedev, Electron Acceleration in Relativistic Gamma-Ray Burst Shocks, Astrophys. J., 651, L9 (2006)
  • M.V. Medvedev, M. Fiore, R.A. Fonseca, L.O. Silva, and W. B. Mori, Long-time evolution of magnetic fields in relativistic GRB shocks, Astrophys. J. Lett., 618, L75 (2005)
  • M.V. Medvedev, Theory of “Jitter” Radiation from Small-Scale Random Magnetic Fields and Prompt Emission from Gamma-Ray Burst Shocks, Astrophys. J., 540, 704 (2000)
  • M.V. Medvedev and A. Loeb, Generation of Magnetic Fields in the Relativistic Shock of Gamma-Ray-Burst Sources, Astrophys. J., 526, 697 (1999).

Galaxy clusters:

  • M.V. Medvedev, L.O. Silva, and M. Kamionkowski, Cluster magnetic fields from largescale-structure and galaxy shocks, Astrophys. J. Lett., 642, L1 (2006)
  • R. Narayan and M.V. Medvedev, Thermal Conduction in Clusters of Galaxies, Astrophys. J. Lett.,, 562, L129 (2001)

Other astro topics:

  • M.V. Medvedev, A.L. Melott, Do extragalactic cosmic rays induce cycles in fossil diversity?, Astrophys. J., 664, 879 (2007)
  • M.V. Medvedev, Boundary Layer Self-Similar Solution for the Hot Radiative Accretion onto a rapidly Spinning Neutron Star, Astrophys. J., 613, 506 (2004)
  • M.V. Medvedev and R. Narayan, Self-Similar Hot Accretion Flow onto a Neutron Star, Astrophys. J., 554, 1255 (2001)
  • M.V. Medvedev and N. Murray, Hot Settling Accretion Flow onto a Spinning Black Hole, Astrophys. J., 581, 431 (2002)
  • M.V. Medvedev and G. Rybicki, The Structure of Self-Gravitating Polytropic Systems with n around 5, Astrophys. J.,, 555, 863 (2001)
  • M.V. Medvedev and R. Narayan, Axisymmetric Self-Similar Equilibria of SelfGravitating Isothermal Systems, Astrophys. J., 541, 579 (2000)

Other non-astro topics:

  • M.V. Medvedev and P.H. Diamond, Self-Organized States in Cellular Automata: Exact Solution, Phys. Rev. E 58, 6824 (1998)
  • M.V. Medvedev, P.H. Diamond, M.N. Rosenbluth, and V.I. Shevchenko, Asymptotic Theory of Nonlinear Landau Damping and Particle Trapping in Waves of Finite Amplitude, Phys. Rev. Lett., 81, 5824 (1998)
  • M.V. Medvedev, P.H. Diamond, V.I. Shevchenko, and V.L. Galinsky, Dissipative Dynamics of Collisionless Nonlinear Alfven Wave Trains, Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, 4934 (1997).

Awards & Honors

2010: The Ambrose Monell Foundation grant (IAS, Princeton)

2009-2010: The Ib Henriksen Foundation support for visiting professors  (NBIA, Denmark)

2009-2010: Danish National Bank program (for distinguished visitors) (NBIA, Denmark)

2004-2007: DOE Junior Faculty grant (the career development grant similar to NSF Career grant)

2006: Best Presentation Award from the Royal Society (UK), for the work on particle acceleration in gamma-ray bursts presented at the R. Soc. Meeting on GRBs

1996: Friends of the International Center Fellowship, UC San Diego

1993-1994: General Atomics Takeo Fukuda Fellowship (financial support for 1993-94)

1993: American Physical Society Study Grant - support PPCF-3 summer school  

1987-1993: Multiple awards for excellence in education, Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology