Sarah LeGresley Rush

Sarah Rush
  • Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Research Interests: Physics Education
  • Physics & Astronomy

Contact Info

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Malott Hall, room 1075
1251 Wescoe Hall Dr.
Lawrence, KS 66045


Physics, University of Kansas, 2017, Lawrence, KS
Physics, University of Kansas, 2014, Lawrence, KS
Mathematics, University of Kansas, 2008, Lawrence, KS
Mathematics and Mathematics Education, Peru State College, 2001, Peru, NE

Selected Publications

LeGresley, Sarah E., Jennifer A. Delgado, Christopher R. Bruner, Michael J. Murray, and Christopher J. Fischer. “Calculus-Enhanced Energy-First Curriculum for Introductory Physics Improves Student Performance Locally and in Downstream Courses.” Journal Articles. PHYSICAL REVIEW PHYSICS EDUCATION RESEARCH 15, no. 2 (August 13, 2019).
LeGresley, Sarah E., Koan Briggs, and Christopher J. Fischer. “Molecular Motor Translocation Kinetics: Application of Monte Carlo Computer Simulations to Determine Microscopic Kinetic Parameters.” Journal Articles. BIOSYSTEMS 168 (4, 2018): 8–25.
Morgan, Aaron M., Sarah E. LeGresley, Koan Briggs, Gada Al-Ani, and Christopher J. Fischer. “Effects of Nucleosome Stability on Remodeler-Catalyzed Repositioning.” Journal Articles. PHYSICAL REVIEW E 97, no. 3 (April 3, 2018).
LeGresley, Sarah E., Jamie Wilt, and Matthew Antonik. “DNA Damage May Drive Nucleosomal Reorganization to Facilitate Damage Detection.” Journal Articles. PHYSICAL REVIEW E 89, no. 3 (March 14, 2014).
Kim, Gi-Ho, Sarah E. Legresley, Nathaniel Snyder, Patrick D. Aubry, and Matthew Antonik. “Single-Molecule Analysis And Lifetime Estimates Of Heterogeneous Low-Count-Rate Time-Correlated Fluorescence Data.” Journal Articles. APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY 65, no. 9 (August 2011): 981–90.