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Fall 2021 UGRAs

KU Physics & Astronomy undergraduates Casey Carlile and Anika Goel receive Fall 2021 UGRA positions.

How the University of Kansas Is Paving the Way in Revealing Radiation

New technologies developed at the University of Kansas are revealing radiation with unprecedented precision and giving a better understanding of the secrets of matter from the scale of the Universe to quarks.

Odderon discovered

The TOTEM collaboration at the LHC, in collaboration with the DØ collaboration at the former Tevatron collider at Fermilab, have announced the discovery of the odderon – an elusive three-gluon state predicted almost 50 years ago.

Women Supporting Women in the Sciences

Women Supporting Women in the Sciences (WS2) is an international initiative unifying and supporting graduate and professional-level women and allies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), while providing o

Ian Crossfield Helps Confirm First-ever Planet Found Orbiting White Dwarf Star

A University of Kansas astronomer played a key role on the team that today announced the first-ever discovery of a planet orbiting a white dwarf star. The finding, published in Nature, shows the likely presence of a Jupiter-sized planet, named WD 1856 b, orbiting the smaller star remnant every 34…

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