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How dangerous are nearby supernovae to life on Earth?

From a distance, supernovae explosions are fascinating. A star more massive than our sun runs out of hydrogen and becomes unstable. Eventually, it explodes and releases so much energy it can outshine its host galaxy for months.


The MacArthur Foundation announced that Steven Prohira as a Class of 2022 MacArthur Fellow.

Christophe Royon - 2022 Gold Medal Award from the Mexican Physical Society, Division of Particle and Fields

Christophe Royon, Foundation Distinguished Professor at the Department of Physics & Astronomy, was awarded the 2022 gold medal of the Mexican Physical Society, Division of Particle and Fields "for his leadership in the discovery of odd-gluon state odderon from elastic proton-proton and proton

Graduate Student Appreciation Week

In honor of our graduate students and in recognition of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, the department will be hosti

Physics & Astronomy Department - Annual Award Winners

Please visit this link (PDF) for information about the 2021 award winners.

KU Physics & Astronomy REU

Applications are open now and due by March 15th! For more information and to apply, you can visit the REU website.

KU Astronomers Help Point The Way Forward For America's Research Priorities

Join us for NASA Eyes, Kansas Minds II: JWST on October 30

Learn about how the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope will explore the Universe like never before! Register for this free virtual public workshop.

KU To Lead New Program Supporting Inter-American Research on Nuclear Science

LAWRENCE — Quarks and gluons are fundamental building blocks of all visible matter in the universe. They’re described by the theory of strong nuclear interactions: quantum chromodynamics, or QCD.

J. Michael Young Award

Prof. Ian Lewis receives the J. Michael Young Academic Advisor Award from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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